More movie productions could come to Missouri after lawmakers approve tax incentives

You could be hearing the words lights, camera, and action in your hometown.
You could be hearing the words lights, camera, and action in your hometown.(KY3)
Published: May. 12, 2023 at 4:28 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - You could hear the words lights, camera, and action in your hometown. The Missouri House and Senate recently passed a bill to provide tax incentives for production companies to film in our state.

The bipartisan bill now awaits the governor’s signature, if he signs it, it would encourage production companies like Netflix to film here in our state.

The bill would offer tax credits equal to 20% of expenses capped at $16 million under specific requirements. States like Oklahoma have recently passed similar legislation and have seen an increase in productions filmed and have been able to increase the incentive over the years.

“It’s exciting because we do have a film-television commercial production community, but it’s very small,” said Michelle Davidson, President of Film in MO. “So we’re going to see that industry just grow, and it’s going to be exciting to see all those jobs created. We also see a lot of college graduates in film production that leave that state because there are no opportunities here. So we will keep talent as well.”

Missouri provided a similar incentive to production companies in the past. Thanks to that incentive, Winters Bone was filmed here in the Ozarks and launched academy award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence to fame. That incentive ended in 2013. Film associations hope to attract production companies to film in Missouri.

If the governor signs the bill, production companies could receive up to $8 million in tax credits. Additional credits will be given to the production company if at least half of the movie or series takes place in Missouri, 15% of the film takes place in a rural area, the company hires Missouri residents, and positively markets the state. While this incentive initially benefits the production company, other businesses in Missouri could also benefit.

“Hotels because you have lots of people that are coming in, you know, celebrities and crew, but we want to hire as much crew from within,” said Davison. “We’ll have a crew that is here, staying in hotels, they have to eat food, so you have tons of catering, then you have construction companies being hired to build sets. So you might have existing buildings that are used, but often they want to build more. And you could have soundstages built in Branson or Kansas City, or St. Louis, and so we’re just going to see the state really benefit in so many different ways.”

For a closer look at the bill, CLICK HERE.

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