Judge orders Hunter Biden to turn over financial records

Published: May. 1, 2023 at 12:48 PM CDT|Updated: May. 1, 2023 at 5:15 PM CDT
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BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - An Independence County circuit judge ordered Hunter Biden to turn over his financial records in an ongoing paternity case.

President Joe Biden’s son appeared before 16th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer at the courthouse in Batesville on Monday, May 1, after she ruled on Friday, April 28, that all parties in the case must be present.

Biden is asking to reduce his child support payments to Lunden Roberts, with whom he has a 4-year-old daughter.

With heavy police and Secret Service presence both inside and outside the courtroom, the judge first addressed the topic of redacted information.

According to our reporter Hayden Savage, who was in the courtroom, Meyer said some documents had been redacted that “had no reason to be.”

The judge moved to have the documents unredacted.

Biden’s lawyer then countered that a national news outlet had reported information included in those redacted documents, insinuating that Roberts’ counsel had leaked the information.

Roberts’ lawyer denied the accusations.

Both parties then argued why they should be allowed access to the other’s records.

Roberts’ attorney asked for a wide range of information on Biden’s assets, including the following:

  • Motor vehicles owned
  • Art purchases
  • All investments in the last five years
  • Money received or given by foreign entities, including China and Ukraine
  • Airline trips, costs, and who paid
  • Location and cost of hotel stays
  • Trips made and their purpose
  • Money received from President Joe Biden

Biden’s attorneys argued that some of the list items should not be turned over, but the judge ruled that they must release most of them.

Meyer also ordered a majority of Roberts’ financial records be turned over, including her banking records and money received from her father.

The judge stressed that both parties must answer clearly when responding to information requests.

“Incomplete answers are not answers,” Meyer said in court.

She added that if the information was not clear enough, it would be addressed at the pre-trial hearing later this month.

The judge set the pre-trial hearing for May 23, with depositions to be held June 13-16 in Little Rock. The trial is currently set to begin on July 24.

Security at the Independence County Courthouse was at an all-time high with Biden in the building.

Many gathered outside to watch for Biden’s arrival at the courthouse.

“I’m here for the biggest event that I’ve seen in Batesville, AR, and I’m really excited to see Hunter Biden,” said Barbara Smart, who was patiently waiting Monday morning.

Another bystander watching, Debbie Billings, said she was there to watch what happened for herself.

“It’s kind of a historic thing to be taking place here in little Batesville, AR, so I thought I would come down and be a witness for whatever may or may not happen today.”

Secret services members blocked the front pew behind Biden and his legal team.

No devices were allowed in the courtroom, and all who entered were required to walk through metal detectors.

Long-time attorney Scott Spears attended the hearing on Monday and was impressed with how Judge Meyer presided over the case.

“The judge was articulate, smart, and insightful. Gave both sides a fair amount of latitude. Was fair and reasonable,” Spears explained. “It was the best judge they could have had for either side.”

Spears said time frames in such cases are longer because parts are constantly moving.

“Obviously, two regular people, this case would not have went on this long,” Spears continued. “A lot of implications. Economic, political, everyone kind of reads in between the lines.”

Following the hearing, Roberts’ attorney spoke with reporters while Biden’s team swiftly ushered him out of the courthouse.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens said no one was arrested in connection to Biden’s trip to Independence County.