Mayor responds to recent flooding with more rain expected

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 10:40 PM CST
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GOSNELL, Ark. (KAIT) - Sewer pump and drainage issues are creating what recently elected Gosnell mayor Jason Taylor said is a nightmare.

As more rain is expected, city departments are working against the clock to fix the issues.

“These sewer pumps work with the drainage, and everything is our top two. Number one is sewer because I want everyone to be able to use it,” Taylor said.

Drainage and sewer issues have caused major flooding across the town leaving yards soaked after heavy rainfall on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Taylor was sworn in as mayor in 2023 and has been on the job for 41 days so far.

He said this issue is a top priority, but it’s not new.

“I inherited the problem, but we have some funds to help solve some issues,” Taylor said.

He said there are about $400,000 left in pandemic relief funds for the city to use.

Taylor said he is working with the city council to use those funds on a plan to relieve the issues.

“I’ve taken office and I’m trying to use the funds that were there from previous administrations to help alleviate some of these problems,” he said.

The plan is to replace culverts and dig out the trash and leaves from ditches to help with water flow.

“I think they rake their yards into the ditches and there is nowhere for the water to flow, when that water gets into them little culverts it clogs them up and that creates a nightmare situation,” Taylor said. “These people’s yards are beyond flooded.”

He said he is worried about the north side of town because they are still trying to deal with previous flooding.