Area preparing for significant snowfall

Published: Dec. 21, 2022 at 6:21 PM CST
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MAMMOTH SPRING, Ark. (KAIT) - Northeast Arkansas is preparing for a cold snap that could bring some troubling snow.

The Arkansas and Missouri Department of Transportation crews and cities have treated roads in preparation for the winter precipitation.

Area residents and businesses have been gearing up for the colder weather including a Fulton County resident, Samantha Barnes, who says she’s ready for it.

“I have went to the grocery store to stock up on food since I have three children at home. Got water to prepare, got gas in my car.”

Barnes explained that staying home is always a good idea when conditions become treacherous.

“I’m constantly seeing stuff on Facebook of people sliding off the road or ending up in the ditch,” Barnes said. “Around here, everyone has big trucks, and they can help them get out, but it’s always better to stay home because of the dirt roads and the ice and all that.”

Jack Dail has owned and operated a tow truck business out of Ravenden since 1969. Dail said, like with every storm, his crews are readying their equipment.

“We’ve made sure we’ve got our tire chains ready, and the wreckers are all fueled, which we try to keep them fueled up and ready to go because when the police call us, or somebody calls us, you don’t have time to work on a wrecker, you need to be ready to go at that time.”

Dail explained he sees terrible situations every year when the snow hits.

“I don’t recommend them getting out unless they have to. I have seen so many wrecks that have ended up bad, especially if they have slick tires. They don’t need out in this, and if they don’t know how to drive, I recommend they stay home.”

Areas of Northeast Arkansas are forecasted to receive a dusting, while some could see up to two inches.