Drone service to help farmers cut costs, time

Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 6:13 PM CDT
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SALEM, Ark. (KAIT) - New technology for farmers is helping make things a little easier after a hard summer.

When you hear the word “drone,” some would think of a small device with a camera on it, but in this case, that isn’t true.

A large drone is now being used to help farmers in North Arkansas.

Max Drone Service of Salem, AR, recently purchased a large drone that is available to help farmers spray fields and distribute seeds.

The large drone crafted by DJI is fully certified and can help farmers potentially reach hard spots to access or address a simple field.

Owner Max Svobodny started his service to shoot pictures and videos for the area, but now, he looks at this as an opportunity to help the agriculture community.

Cory Tyler is the Fulton County U of A Extension Agent, and he says this kind of technology is something of the future.

“Just like anything else, technology has come a long way. This is just something to add to the arsenal and making producers more profitable,” said Tyler. “Cutting costs as far as fuel costs go. It’s different, but it’s something new that we can take advantage of in the future.”

He says as the new technology starts to enter this part of the state, many people are curious about it, which is understandable.

“There are plenty of questions to ask about it, and of course, if you have any, feel free to reach out to the appropriate people, including myself, but anything that will benefit producers and profits, that’s what we’re gaging toward,” said Tyler.

Tyler explained like any other spraying service, drone or not, you should always be aware of who you are working with.

“Just like with anything other pesticide applications, that includes herbicide and insecticides,” said Tyler. “It’s good to know what kind of work has been done and make sure the appropriate licensure is within their references because to spray certain things, we have to have that appropriate license.”

The drone service said it was accepting consultation appointments now for those that are interested.

If you’re interested, visit the drone service website.