Animal shelter offers microchips to keep pets safe

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 7:04 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With the Fourth of July being a fun time for many, there’s one group that isn’t so happy about it: Your pets.

During this time, at least 30% of pets go missing due to being scared of all the noise from fireworks, according to PetAmberAlert.

However, there are ways to make sure your furry friends stay with you this weekend. One option can be found right in Region 8.

The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is using its microchipping technology to help keep your pets safe.

Hillary Starnes, executive director of the NEA Humane Society, said the process for a microchip is simple.

She said the chip is painlessly inserted in the animal’s back, and the process takes no less than 15 seconds. Once inserted, the animal can be scanned and their records are uploaded to the animal shelter’s database.

“We use a wand and we scan over the back of it, and it will pull up the contact information,” Stevens said.

She added while they do microchips all year, this time of the year is when it matters most.

“We definitely do an emphasis on microchipping during the holidays or during weather when there is going to be a lot of storms coming in,” Stevens said.

She said this new technology helps keep lost pets out of the pounds and allows them to easily identify the owner.

The chips are only $25 and no appointment is needed to get them inserted.

For more information, visit the animal shelter’s website or call them at 870-932-5185.

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