A Family For Me: Madix

Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 5:42 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - He may be shy, but 13-year-old Madix has a big heart and a lot to give to a family.

“I like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Madden. I want to play in the NFL,” said Madix.

Madix got to spend the day at Hijinx, playing video games and laser tag with his caseworkers, who call themselves his “mom squad.”

“We joke around, his caseworkers kind of joke around that we are his three moms. Just because we are very involved in his case,” said adoption specialist Toni Epps. “I think having him where he’s able to see us more has been very beneficial. So having that positive influence in his life, we’ve seen such a spurt of growth for him, and so that’s been really awesome to see.”

Dana Hedger is Madix’s CASA advocate.

She said the growth Madix has seen since she met him has been incredible.

“He’s got a wonderful heart. He is so loving. One of the things we always kid about is, I’ll tell him Madix you need to be on the football team because he comes up and gives a hug and those hugs are so powerful and so fierce. It really touches your soul,” said Hedger.

Madix’s caseworkers said he has been through a lot in his short life but has also overcome a lot of those challenges.

“You have to remember that kiddos, especially Madix’s age, they remember the life they had prior to coming into care and prior to having rights terminated,” said Epps. “So we would suggest just to be patient with him because it’s a big step for a kid his age to acknowledge the fact that he does need that support and to bond with a family.”

Despite all the challenges he’s faced, Madix chooses to look on the positive side to stay encouraged.

“Just the good things that have happened. The positive, positive stuff instead of negative,” said Madix.

When asked what he felt would be the ideal family, Madix’s answer was simple.

“I just want somebody that would be a good home for me,” said Madix. “Just a caring family. Somebody that will take care of me.”

Even though Madix is an older child, his caseworkers encourage people to open their hearts, because kids need support and guidance no matter what age they are.

“At times it’s easy to get lost in the system. And at times, just having a constant, loving person that’s always there for you is what they really need. It’s so important,” said Hedger. “You know kids can’t choose what family they’re born into, and sometimes family is not just genetics. It can be me; it can be you; it can be anybody that just wants to show care. That’s the good part of life, the good part of growing up that some children don’t get to have.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Madix, visit his page on Project Zero here.

You can learn more about foster and adoption by visiting the Project Zero website or the Division of Children and Family Services website.

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