Thieves steal Christmas from Jonesboro families

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 11:29 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A few families in Jonesboro are missing their Christmas decorations. Now, they are trying to get back into the holiday spirit after someone stole it from them.

“I told my elf to put the suspect on the naughty list,” said Caroline Beasley.

This was her wish after the Grinch stole Christmas from her front yard.

“We were so sad to lose our blowups,” said her sister Emma.

Caroline Beasley, her sister Emma, and mom Kim were shocked to wake up Monday morning to their holiday blowups gone.

“Emma saved some of her money to buy one of the blowups,” said Kim.

And they weren’t the only victims.

“I just thought let’s check the security camera and we’ll see what happened,” said Jim Welch.

Welch lives in a completely different neighborhood, the Grinch who stole his Christmas was caught on his security cameras.

The video shows someone jumping out of a car and stealing Welch’s strobe light and inflatable snowman right out of their front yard.

“My wife thought well maybe it blew away, but she didn’t see it down the street anywhere,” said Welch.

Another neighbor took to social media when she found several decorations in her front yard and wanted to find out who they belonged to.

Both families were able to get the decorations back but according to Caroline, the person who took them may have to talk with Santa.

They said now they are going to be careful about how long they let their decorations sit in their yards.

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