Equipment shortage affects Heartland farmers during harvest season

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 8:25 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s harvest time for Heartland farmers, but many are struggling to get their crops in without the needed equipment.

And retailers don’t know when it’s going to get any better.

Empty shelves tells the story at Davis Farm Supply in Jackson.

“Our whole good supplies are terrible were not getting anything in,” said Davis Farm Supply Manager Steve King.

He explains most of the parts they need right now will take months to get into their store.

“I’ve gotten a New Holland loader in February, I expect maybe to get the tractor in December,” said King.

Out in Pemiscot County, farmer Jason Bean is harvesting his crops.

He shares how the supply shortage is impacting his operation.

“Specialty parts and designs say specifically for a combine specifically for a cotton picker or tractor their just getting harder and harder to find and were trying to get out crop so were very concerned,” Bean said.

This has Bean forced to buy what he needs months in advance.

“Certain parts that dealerships are usually keeping in stock they’re not so when we have a breakdown. Sometimes were having to wait more time to get the part,” Bean said.

King fears farmers will face more challenges in the months to come.

“Even though we have good prices now for corn and soybeans you look at the long-range forecast of what fertilizers are gonna be what are seed visibilities are gonna be its terrible prices are going to go outrageously high,” said King.

”From a dealership standpoint here at Davis Farm Supplies we hope, and this is a hard hope that we might start seeing a little bit more normality of getting parts and getting our whole goods equipment in by mid-season of 2023 so 2022 is gonna be another interesting year of challenges,” King said.

King expects equipment delays continuing to run anywhere from two to nine months.

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