Literacy helps combat pandemic linked learning loss

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 6:10 PM CDT
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BAY, Ark. (KAIT) - Learning loss is normal for the few months students have for summer break.

Students are now experiencing pandemic-linked learning loss after months of at-home learning.

A local school district is using a new program to help.

Literacy is the stepping block for many other subjects at grade level.

“Felt like purchasing a full-blown literacy curriculum can help align not only our common assessments but our common curriculum,” said Braden Watson, principal at the school.

Bay Elementary School recently adopted a new literacy curriculum to help address learning loss across most grades.

“How rigorous it is. And realizing that hey this is what we need. More rigor in the classrooms,” said Kristi Wilson.

Wilson is the media specialist for the school.

She said the new curriculum is exactly what students need after returning to in-person learning.

“With them coming back on campus this year, it has been amazing. All of the teachers, every staff member, is pitching in to try to catch students up, and it’s working,” said Wilson.

Wilson said they are working on making reading more enjoyable for the students.

“The teachers encourage that. If you want to go to the library and read please feel free to. It’s really been great this year,” said Wilson.

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lovins also said their main goal is to make sure students are back on track.

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