Man canoes down Mississippi River in 113 days

Caleb Korder and his girlfriend float down the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau.
Caleb Korder and his girlfriend float down the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau.(Photo source; Mike Mohundro, KFVS)
Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 5:08 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - We caught up with a man who just finished canoeing down the Mississippi River.

Caleb Korder first stopped in Cape Girardeau on September 4 when he was canoeing down the river.

Now, Korder is stopping again in Cape Girardeau to rest as returns up river back to his home.

He didn’t take the journey alone.

Korder’s two brothers, his girlfriend and other family members joined him at times as he made the trip down river.

“It was amazing. It was a trip of a lifetime,” Korder said. “It was crazy I got the opportunity to do this. I’m grateful everyday that I was out down the river and grateful even now that I have this story to tell.”

He said he learned a lot from this trip down the river.

“I learned sometimes you need to slow down in life,” Korder said. “You need to go to a more simple way. Really, the river represents something more than just water. It represents how life should flow. The river is always going to keep moving forward just like you should do in life, continue to flow with it.”

It has always been a dream of his since he was little.

“I used to go on trips with my family,” Korder said. “My dad used to take me. They put me in a canoe when I was about 5-years-old and that’s the same age as my other siblings got to go in a canoe. I graduated high school this year, so I thought, why not.”

He said the river is strong and has gone through a lot of elements but says it’s worth it.

“I’m so happy that I got to do it,” Korder said. “As soon as I graduated, I hit it off. So now, I’m going down this river and I’m thinking to myself, how am I supposed to go back to a regular way of life? How am I supposed to not search for this adventure everywhere I’m going in the next step? It’s changed my whole mindset.”

He appreciates all the support that he has received from his family and friends.

“I definitely had a huge support at home. Especially when I was going out on my own, everybody was getting a hold of me telling me I deserve this,” Korder said. I have worked real hard for it but to hear it from the people you love the most, it’s just really meaningful.”

One of his brothers already completed his journey downstream six days ahead of Korder.

They started up in Minnesota at Lake Itasca on June 7.

It took Korder 113 days to complete his mission to the Gulf of Mexico.

He even took a celebratory swim in the gulf as well upon completion.

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