Car puts hole in apartment building

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 9:23 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Frustration builds for one Jonesboro woman as she deals with a hole in her apartment wall.

It all started at a dumpster when someone was throwing out some trash. When leaving, they ran their car into Shakita Brown’s apartment.

“This is your neighbor and someone just backed into your apartment,” Brown described the phone call she received after it happened.

Brown and her daughter have lived at the Ridge at Jonesboro for five years.

She said the damage did not look that bad from the outside, but once she walked into her daughter’s room, it was a different story.

“We looked on the outside of the building and I’m like okay it doesn’t look as bad,” said Brown. “Until I came in the inside and that’s when we realized how much damage was done to the apartment.”

The crash caused about $20,000 worth of damage, according to Shannon Schultz, the regional director for the complex.

“This is a $20,000 repair, this isn’t going to happen, just like I told the housing authority. This is not a one-day fix. This is going to take us a little bit of time,” said Schultz.

Brown said she talked to Schultz about the repair, with little to no solutions.

“It doesn’t seem like it is an emergency to them,” said Brown.

So, she found a way to cover the hole in the meantime.

“I paid for this [tarp]. I had to go out and buy nails. I had to go out and get someone to come and put it up for me because I was not able to,” said Brown.

She said the housing authority inspected the apartment after the crash and notified the complex it had 24 hours to fix the damages.

Schultz is waiting for the vendor to get back to her about putting the repair on the schedule.

Brown is already in the process of leaving because the complex did not have an apartment for her to stay in temporarily.

She is worried about precipitation, bugs, or intruders coming into her home through the damaged area.

Brown says although this move is an inconvenience. She’s happy to be finally putting some of the pieces back together.

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