Teacher, students learn about 9/11 together

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 8:13 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 10, 2021 at 9:18 PM CDT
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HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - Learning about 9/11 together.

Most high school students weren’t born yet, and some teachers barely remember. Harrisburg High School shared Friday how they’re learning about the historical event that changed America.

America’s future leaders sat in silence on Friday, learning about a piece of history that silenced the world.

“It’s hard for people that are in our grade or haven’t experienced it to really know about it and remember it and understand,” said Gage Armstrong, senior.

Most seniors were born anywhere from two to four years after 9/11 happened.

“A lot of history gets forgotten,” said Armstrong. “Make people understand how important it is. That’s a big deal in our history and the biggest attack, like a terrorist attack, on U.S. soil. Understand that whether you were there or not, you need to educate yourself on it.”

Armstrong says the best way for kids his age to understand is by educating themselves.

“We need to keep the memory alive, and we need to continue to educate kids on what happened and how it was a big deal, how it affected those people, and how they’re affected today 20 years later,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says this 9/11 anniversary has opened his eyes more than years past because of the 13 soldiers recently killed in Kabul.

“With that happening and us pulling out of Afghanistan is does seem like it’s bigger or more real,” said Armstrong.

Teaching intern Truman Jones was just three when 9/11 happened. He barely remembers and says he tries to relate just like his students.

“You can sense a little anger in them because it seems like a similar event. I feel like that really brought it back into their perspective,” said Jones.

Jones says he showcases first-hand accounts to help understand.

“It really shows you that these are real people that have real stories and real trauma, and when you see that and when you see it displayed, it helps you be a little more empathetic,” said Jones.

Jones says the key takeaway he wants students to remember is countless people were affected. We may never truly understand, but we can never forget.

Adam Lacy, a history teacher, says he wants students not to fear. America has gone through several trials like Pearl Harbor and 9/11, adding we will get through together.

“We’ve been attacked once, and we got through it. We will be okay again, and so that’s what I want to leave with the students,” said Lacy.

Lacy was in the 7th grade during 9/11. He says he remembers the day perfectly.

Lacy tries to get his students to understand by explaining his own experiences with the event. He was at school and remembered how the news shook the world. He also shares stories of those who lost their life.

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