A Better Region 8: “If you’re not making it better, you’re making things worse”

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 9:45 PM CDT
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(KAIT) - I fail miserably from time to time, but at least I try to live by the saying, “If you’re not making it better, you’re making things worse”.

I would like to think most of us live by that standard. That’s why it is disheartening to see what is happening with our state government this legislative session.

There is a hate crime bill that would make sure all Arkansans are protected from hurtful words and actions, but its future is uncertain.

What did happen are two specific bills, that are now law, that make things worse and actually contradict that hate crime bill and our United States Constitution.

One was aimed specifically at discriminating against transgender children.

The other now allows medical staff to discriminate against patients if they object to giving certain medical procedures.

Our pets will have better access to healthcare than some people in our state.

Both laws will likely face an uphill battle if they are challenged in court, which goes back to “If you are not making it better, you are making it worse.”

Where is the legislation that will bring jobs and better education to our state? Where is the legislation that will improve our way of life?

Where is the legislation that will make our children and grandchildren’s lives better?

That’s what our state government should be doing.

Instead, they are too busy trying to get re-elected than doing the hard work of governing.

It’s easy to feed off of the hate that permeates our society. We can and should do better.

We owe it to ourselves, our family, our neighbors, and our country.

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