A Better Region 8: Hitting the reset button on our editorials

Updated: Jan. 4, 2021 at 9:42 PM CST
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(KAIT) -It’s the start of a new year and a great time to hit the reset button with our “A Better Region 8” editorials.

Think of this segment as our opinion page in the newspaper. Journalists, actual journalists, do not give their opinion.

That’s why it’s our policy that the station general manager and not someone in the newsroom presents the editorial.

We also clearly label our A Better Region Eight segments as editorial in the top corner of the screen.

It’s also not my opinion, but the opinion of the editorial board here at KAIT made up of staff across several departments, not just the newsroom.

In fact, we have aired several editorials I did not agree with, but it was the voice of our editorial board.

In the past, we are certain we have aired an editorial you vehemently agreed or disagreed with, and it’s important that we hear from you.

Our editorials are meant to start a discussion, not end it, and your feedback is vital.

If you have comments on this or other editorials, let us know.

The email address is “abetterregion8@kait8.com. Again, abetterregion8@kait8.com.”

We may also take your comments in response to our editorials posted to the Region 8 News Facebook page.

Remember, if you send us your opinion, it might make it in a future editorial.

The definition of communication is the exchanging of ideas. Dialog and understanding will make this A Better Region Eight.

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