A Family For Me: Hailey, Gabby. Larry & Joann

Updated: Dec. 24, 2019 at 10:15 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -Foster parents across Region 8 are making this holiday season a memorable one for hundreds of kids.

Tuesday, Region 8 News introduced you to Hailey, Gabby, Larry, and Joann, four kids looking for their special forever family.

“But they are all to the core sweet kids and when you see them all together with all of that red hair in one place, oh they are so cute,” Jen Miller, adoption specialist, said.

According to Birgit Knutsen, their CASA, three of the children are in a home right now and in daycare full-time. Each one receives different forms of therapy, from speech, physical and occupational therapy.

The fourth, Hailey, is in second grade and in a separate foster home.

“I am a trained volunteer appointed by a judge in a DHS case. I am to become familiar with that case and of the children and their circumstances and all of the adults involved in their care,” Knutsen said. “I meet with the kids about every two to three weeks and get to know them and make sure that they are doing well and happy where they are.”

The children were also extra good this year, which means lots of gifts from Santa.

“We as a whole DHS and project zero work hard to make sure that all of our foster kids have a good Christmas,” Miller said.

“They do Christmas parties for them. Project Zero does a big Christmas party for all of the waiting kids who are waiting to be adopted. And pretty much if they ask for from project zero, Project Zero gets it for them.”

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