A Family for Me: Kaytlen

Kaytlen is two years old and she has Charge Syndrome. She is also looking for a forever family.
Kaytlen is two years old and she has Charge Syndrome. She is also looking for a forever family.(Source: KAIT-TV)
Updated: Dec. 27, 2018 at 9:23 PM CST
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For some foster kids, finding a forever family is relatively easy.

For others-- a special kind of family is needed to nurture the child.

There are times when the adoptive family needs to be able to devote more time and care for their physical challenges. For one Region 8 girl, that’s the kind of family she needs.

“Kaytlen is two years old. She has Charge Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that she is born with. Just the luck of the draw kind of thing. It affects your hearing, your vision, and the way that her muscles work,” DHS case worker Gregory Daffron said.

Kaytlen has several medical challenges ahead of her… but she has already conquered a few challenges.

“The prognosis for children with charge syndrome with in the first year of life is not very good at all, but Kaytlen is two and she has cleared that first hurdle,” Daffron said.

She has cleared the first hurdle, thanks to an awesome foster family that has helped her become stronger, especially in recent months.

“The last six months she has made more progress than anyone ever thought she would be able to,” Daffron said. “When I first met her, she couldn’t do anything more than lay on her back on the living room floor and just kind of wave for arms. She’s crawling now. She is getting into things. I just saw her stand up with assistance for the first time.”

Kaytlen is going to need long term help and that’s something that her foster family likely can’t provide due to their own age. The adoptive family would need to be young enough to care for Kaytlen into her adult year and they would need to be trained.

“The best-case scenario for Kaytlen will be to get adopted. There lies in the challenge though. Kaytlen will need to be adopted by someone who is medically trained. They will need to learn what to do with tracheas, frequent doctor visits, and a whole other slew of training that most ordinary people just do not have," Daffron said.

Adopting Kaytlen will take time and dedication, but if you’re worried about her medical expenses, don’t let that hold you back.

“As far as medical cost, the only expense there would be getting to Little Rock... back and forth. She’s got insurance, she’s got Medicaid and that pays for the majority if not everything she needs. Including treatments, medication, special equipment that she has. That she needs," Daffron said.

So there is no additional financial burden.

It’s the time and dedication.

“In order to care for Kaytlen to the best of anyone’s capabilities, you’re going to have to love her unconditionally and be prepared and willing to spend a lot of time,” Daffron said. “But other than that, you are going to be getting a very sweet and loving, quirky, two-year-old. It’s funny because her personality is starting to come out and it’s quirky! She’s a goofball! For sure."

If you are interested in adoption or foster care, you can visit this website for more information.

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