A Family for Me: Jacob

Jacob wants to be a police officer and a Youtuber when he grows up. He is also looking for a...
Jacob wants to be a police officer and a Youtuber when he grows up. He is also looking for a forever family.(Source: KAIT-TV)
Updated: Jul. 25, 2019 at 5:31 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Last year, Region 8 News met with Jacob.

Jacob, who wants to be a police officer and a YouTuber, is looking for a forever family. He said he enjoys taking videos and vlogging, plus he likes to play Laser Tag.

Jacob and Region 8 News’ Ryan Vaughan spent the day playing Laser Tag. Jacob said being a police officer is a main goal of his and that he would be a strict officer.

“As a cop, I am going to arrest people that litter or drives fast,” Jacob said.

Leelinda Maddox, an adoption specialist with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, said Jacob is a great child who is outgoing.

“He’s 13. He is a little developmentally delayed, but he is an awesome kid. He’s very respectful and he loves to talk to people. He doesn’t meet a stranger,” Maddox said. “He likes to introduce himself and says he’s glad to meet everyone he talks to.”

Jacob has also faced adversity in his young life, both he and Maddox said.

“My brother is in jail, my sisters are adopted, and my mom is gone ... is on drugs,” Jacob said.

“He has experienced a lot in his life and he does remember most of it,” Maddox said.

“The day I left my mom. The day they took us away from my mom, my sisters and me were crying all the way to our new home,” Jacob said.

Maddox said she believes it is a good thing for children like Jacob to be open about their past.

“I think it is, I think it helps with the dealing with it ... and the healing process to talk about it and try to move past it. I mean you got to embrace what happened and move forward with the future,” Maddox said.

As for Jacob, he said he wants a providing, giving family in every sense.

“I want to have a family that basically understands me and knows hide to play and has like kids ... and has like a trampoline, a pool, a car, like a mansion, basically,” Jacob said.

If you are interested in adoption or foster care, you can visit this website for more information.

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